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We've made a few iOS and macOS apps. Here are a few.

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BeFit macOS

BeFit for macOS

BeFit Tracker for MacOS allows you to view food data via the nutrition panel which you the caloric data in g / mg as well as percentages per serving size. Everything you need to ensure you are making smart caloric choices day-to-day.

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macOS App Store

BeFit Tracker

BeFit Tracker for iOS allows you to effortlessly look up caloric details on over 5000+ food items and add them to custom tracking lists. See how your intake per list compares against your recommended caloric intake goal.

BeFit for MacOS & iOS

Grove Support macOS

Open support cases right from within the app. Next-level support is always at your fingertips. You can book an appointment up to 60 days in advance within the app. We also handle emergency bookings and more.

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Mac Support macOS
Grove Support for Mac OS & iOS

Grove Support

The Grove Support App is a small App, created to share quick tips with Mac novices to help them learn some Mac tricks. You can also book appointments, open trouble tickets and get more information about our services.

Animal Age macOS

Animal Age macOS

Quickly gauge animal lifespans against other animal breeds by category with the intuitive graph view. The app feeds in information about what is going on in the animal community.

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macOS App Store

Animal Tracker

Convert the ages of various animals against human lifespans. See life expectancies based on different breeds of animals. Track your pet's age and information right from your iPhone in the App.

Animal Tracker for MacOS & iOS
Seafood Guide for Mac OS & iOS

Seafood Guide

The Seafood Guide is a valuable tool that lets you quickly look up seafood items to tell if they are invasive, sustainable and heathy. Fish data is segmented into six categories on the main view. You simply tap on the category your interested in and it will return those fish. You can then drill into the fish items to get more information about the fish as well as recommendations and the ability to share with a friend.

Munki Theme Maker

Munki Theme Maker allows you to create custom color based scheme themes for Munki. This app picks up on the amazing work of the Munki project and the Munki Rebrand project. The theme maker allows you to have a more modern color schemed UI made for your brand.

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Munki Theme Maker
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"Instead of saying "thats not possible" Grove ALWAYS found a solution to our problems that fit our needs and budget. They go above and beyond to ensure we are happy, taken care of, and operating efficiently."

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