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We are a Mac MSP bringing stability back to the Mac Business environment by providing next level Mac Management, Mac Repairs, Mac Purchasing, Managed App Updates and more.

We work with clients and businesses of any size and budget level. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!

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Mac Support DC

Grove: A Mac MSP In DC

Mac Support DC

We help people and businesses unlock the hidden potential of Macs in the workplace. Based in Washington DC, we are a total Mac Solution for the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions.

Mac IT Business Services DC

We solve major issues like Mac deployment and MDM. Your technology runs your business, we exist to ensure that it continues to do so. Let us show you how we can help your business systems run better.


We offer a wide range of custom Mac services tailored to your business. There isn't much that we can't fix so if you're having chronic issues let us help you ensure success, reduce risk & save money.

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Virtual vCISO Services DC

We helped a local IT Team show their CEO the importance of proactive disaster recovery planning.

Helping IT Teams like yours, Offering Mac Solutions In Washington D.C. since 2014

Mac Tips & Tricks

Our Customer Blog

How To Copy Paste and Manage Screenshots on MacOS-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

How To Copy Paste and Manage Screenshots on MacOS

It seems simple enough, but there are some great features, built in apps, and third party apps that can really improve your workflow when copy and pasting. The very basics are on a Mac are; highlight the content you want to copy and press Command–C. Then where you want to paste the content you have just copied place the cursor...

May 27, 2020

Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title

When you’re writing a blog post or email newsletter, you’ll eventually hit the question of how to capitalize words in a title. There is no one right way, but just as with poor spelling and grammar, randomly capitalized titles can reduce reader trust in your knowledge, competence, and expertise. The trick is to pick a capitalization form and style guide...

May 26, 2020

Install VLC Media Player on your Mac-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

Install VLC Media Player on your Mac

QuickTime is great, but it won’t play an AVI file out of the box or the lesser-known MKV for example. And with the introduction of MacOS Catalina we have had to say goodbye to our beloved QuickTime 7. QuickTime 7 offered the Pro version for a one time payment which basically upgraded the standard QuickTime player adding many useful video...

May 22, 2020

Mac Solutions DC

Managed Mac Solutions in DC
for your small business

Mac Solutions DC

Welcome to the way Managed Mac Fleets should be, Tested and Certified. Point, Click, Done! Our Managed App Update System & Apple Fleet Management tools scale to any enterprise fleet size automatically, and offers multiple levels of data redundancy. Learn more about our Managed Mac Fleet Services including managed third party updates.

Virtual vCISO Services DC

Offering a monthly security newsletter and personal dark web scanning capabilities allow employees to protect themselves at work and at home. Learn more about our Strategic Foundation plan where we provide Business Impact Analysis, Procedural Documentation, Disaster Recovery Plans, and more.

Apple Consultants Network DC

As an active member of the Apple Consultants Network, we can help you grow your network with our Managed Network Services. Our Managed Mac Fleet services takes the burden of managing your macs off your plate so you can focus on running your business, not putting out IT fires.

Security Risk Assessment DC

Most companies aren't fully covered in either security or compliance, and they are generally unaware of the many vulnerabilities that need to be protected. 360 security starts with a baseline risk assessment. Let us show you the vulnerabilities that your small business faces with a comprehensive GAP analysis and remediation plan.

Spam Phishing Prevention DC

Your business is only as good as the people that work there. Its time to train your employees the right way with our security awareness program. Phishing is the #1 attack method of choice among cybercriminals. AutoPhish keeps security top-of-mind with automated, simulated phishing campaigns.

Managed Networks DC

Managed Networks at Grove Technologies. We work with Cisco, Ubiquiti, Aruba & more. We provide network security, management and peace of mind. Today’s networking technologies are complex and costly if not implemented correctly. They are essential to improving network efficiency and overall business performance.

We Are Apple Consultants In DC

Give us a call and we can help manage the chaos. We’re Apple Certified and can help you with your latest implementation from OS upgrades to servers, and more.

Mac Solutions DC

Our clients trust our support and mac solutions because we don't talk in circles and we give advice that makes sense. We won't confuse you with techno-speak.

A True Mac MSP In DC!

Unlike PC MSP's we are all Apple Certified. We work hard to earn and to keep the trust of our clients. Making sure that things run as smoothly and transparently as possible.

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