Mac Services

A few of the services we offer

Managed Services

Google Apps, Munki, Casper Suite, JAMF, OSX Server Profile Manager & Software Update Server, Filewave, Computrace, Zenoss, Nagios, and much more.

Project Management

Managed systems are great but a rollout of new software, hardware or systems should come with a project strategy. Our project management services ensure that your project is a success every time.

System Monitoring

System uptime is important. We offer remote monitoring services to ensure that we are addressing issues that may happen at any given moment using Zenoss or Nagios.

Disaster Recovery

Potential disasters are around every corner. It can come in the form of a hardware failure, loss of data from accidental deletion or a virus infection.

Proactive Support

We offer the best in proactive support. We provide routine maintenance services, done daily, and behind the scenes to ensure system stability and security.

Objective-C / Swift Development

We offer full-service iOS development from layouts, mockups to your finished product in the Apple iTunes Store. We have the skills needed to quickly get your idea off the ground.

Network Management

Offering firmware testing, IP monitoring, LAN monitoring, VPN management and much more. Having an end to end understanding of your network is essential to your success.

VOIP Implementation

We offer the best VOIP services. With competitive pricing on VOIP phones, and our softphone offering we can save you time, money and improve your overall communications.

Staff Training

Need help getting your team up to speed and familiar with using a Mac in the workplace? Look no further we offer a wide variety of 1:1 and classroom style trainings.

On Site Support

We offer two tiers of Mac support, one of them is On-Site support. For those that need help but can't afford to be away from the office then let us come to you.

Remote Support

You many not need on-site support. When you have a problem that we can fix remotely we offer the ability to remotely connect to your systems and fix those issues on the fly.

Remote Updates

Are your computers up to date? If you're unsure, then you need our managed remote update services. We will ensure your systems are always protected and updated remotely.

We can help...

Your business needs an ally. We are your one stop IT Solutions partner. We are certified Apple Technicians. Network certified professionals and accredited project planners. We sweat the small stuff so you can get back to running your business.

If your tired of waiting in line at retail stores only to get poor service. If you have an IT Management company but they can't ever seem to get that one Mac working right. If you have a team that is wasting time Googling answers to common Mac problems. Give us a call, we can help.

Mac Experts On Demand

Grove Technologies

ABOUT Grove Technologies
We are a team of Apple Certified experts that all have backgrounds in either online digital marketing and media, education or managing non profits. We know how to keep your systems safe, online and secure.

Grove is the place where your Apple technology thrives. Check out our managed services. Our App Store solution will keep your computers updated with our tested Apple and Third Party updates. Do not wonder if your up to date or protected.

Know you are.

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