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We can improve your risk and compliance profile by implementing an integrated central repository for all functional areas across your enterprise. This allows better governance, communications, and standardizes policies and procedures across technical, operational, and human assets. We ensure secure and effective internal processes and those processes established with vendors and business partners. Allowing us to quantify and better manage risks, vulnerabilities and their remediation efforts.

We can also...
  • Measure residual risks and impacts, and project outcomes from risk‐based activities.
  • Standardize management of risks, privacy, and regulatory compliance across the enterprise.
  • Reduce risks that negatively impact customer dissatisfaction, revenues, stock price volatility, and brand recognition.
  • Reduce resources, time, and costs associated with compliance and oversight processes.
  • Proactively assess and continuously improve the organization security posture.

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Providing sound technical guidance

Cybersecurity Advisors

We're experts at creating information security policies, procedure development & building custom information security programs. We provide guidance on current and trending issues in cybersecurity landscape with tailored best practices.

We can also...
  • Develop KPIs for IT security requirements for the organization.
  • Provide personnel advice for key IT and cybersecurity roles.
  • Provide security awareness training for technical and non-technical subjects.
  • Provide vendor management for cybersecurity and compliance risks.
  • Provide reporting to key stakeholders on findings and recommendations on key IT portfolio projects.
Compliance Advisors

We know what it takes to ensure your policies and procedures are compliant to various cybersecurity requirements frameworks (SOC2, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.). We design and develop BCDR policies and procedures tailored to your organization.

We can also...
  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) based on current organizational needs.
  • Provide comprehensive governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) program tailored to clients.
  • Provide GAP analysis for organizational procedures and compliance frameworks.
  • Provide continuous monitoring for compliance control requirements, POAMs, etc.
Security Advisors

We can identify high areas of risk in organizational assets and endpoints, identity flaws and potential damage impact to endpoints and infrastructure and provide recommended remediation to eliminate or mitigate identified threats.

We can also...
  • Provide secure coding (SDLC) guidance.
  • Provide cloud security architecture recommendations.
  • Advise on Cryptographic and Key Management Solutions.
  • Provide Disaster Recovery Planning and Strategy incorporating best practices and guidelines for infrastructure, personnel, and asset recovery.

Strategic Planning

We helped a local IT Team show their CEO the importance of proactive disaster recovery planning.

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  • We can help prioritize organizational products and services in how they can be protected from risk.
  • We can determine acceptable recovery points objectives and timelines for critical services.
  • We can inventory business assets to establish what needs to be protected and recovered following a disruption.
  • We can Develop KPIs for IT security requirements for your organization.
  • We provide security awareness training for technical and non-technical subjects.
  • We provide reporting to key stakeholders on findings and recommendations on key IT portfolio projects.
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