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The Grove experience is what sets us apart from the rest. Our white glove service is for all clients not just the ones with the deepest pockets. Learn a little bit about what you can expect from us as a client of Grove Technologies

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Grove offers a stack of solutions to meet every need.

  • A client portal that allows you to keep tabs on all your systems.

  • First class support perfect for Startups and Small Businesses.

  • ISP Monitoring ensures your internet is always online.

  • Modern Fleet management solutions to ensure your always protected.

  • Award winning security to guard against malware and ransomware.

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Real time reporting

Right from the portal you can see all your invoices, estimates, inventory, network status, managed systems, upcoming appointments and more.

Health check

You can see the status of all of your fleet in real time. With our health check indicators you can see the high level health of all your systems.

Automatic Inventory

Our tools automatically detect changes in your inventory to keep your list as accurate and up to date and as automated as possible.

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Hands down the best decision our firm has made this year. Grove Technologies have been instrumental in restructuring our internal network and helped resolved a whole host of issues that have plagued our firm for years.


Jon and his team are absolutely wonderful to work with. Instead of saying "thats not possible" they will ALWAYS find a solution to our problems that fit our needs and budget. They go above and beyond to ensure we are happy, taken care of, and operating efficiently.


I've worked with Grove for over four years, and they are highly capable and very dedicated. There's never been a challenge they weren't able to solve. Grove Technologies values their clients, and I would strongly recommend this firm to others.

Affordable pricing plans.

Because every company is different, DashCore comes with multiple licensing plans that fit your needs.


We provide best in class tools that help us keep your systems running smoothly.

  • First class support & Full documentation
  • Monitoring Software & Fleet Management
  • Security Tools & Asset Management
  • Monthly Reports & Quarterly Review
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We offer more than an Enterprise solution, contact us now and request a custom plan for your business.

Project Management

Staff Augmentation

Security Services

CIO / CTO Strategy

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Other Services
Fleet Management

Welcome to the way Updates Should Be, Tested and Certified. Point, Click, Done! Our Managed App Update System & Fleet Management tools scale to any enterprise fleet size automatically.

Network Management

Offering firmware testing, IP monitoring, LAN monitoring, VPN management and much more. Having an end to end understanding of your network is essential to your success.

Project Management

Managed systems are great but a rollout of new software, hardware or systems should come with a project strategy. Our project management services ensure that your project is a success every time.

Disaster Recovery

Potential disasters are around every corner. It can come in the form of a hardware failure, loss of data from accidental deletion or a virus infection.

Proactive Support

We offer the best in proactive support. We provide routine maintenance services, done daily, and behind the scenes to ensure system stability and security.

Managed Services

Google Apps, Munki, Casper Suite, JAMF, OSX Server Profile Manager & Software Update Server, Filewave, Computrace, Zenoss, Nagios, and much more.

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Grove helps keep your Mac or PC fleet running like the finely turned machines they should be.

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