Thanks to our wonderful clients for a great 2018

What we learned in 2018

This year was a year of Growth here at Grove Technologies. Our company changed brand, re-defined its core strategy and competency. During this time of transition we learned a lot about what we want to accomplish moving forward and the new direction that we will be moving in. That said I want to thank all of the passionate and amazing clients that trust us with their technology. We are proud to be able to claim that we are helping further many social justice, climate and advocacy movements as well as collaborating the best of the best in the design and development sector here in Washington D.C. Its because of you and your support we are able to continue to do what we do, so thanks.

I wanted to publicly share our new found direction in the following set of Immutable Laws that we now hold ourselves to here at Grove Technologies. We hope that this informs you, inspires you and further reinforces our commitment to you.


  1. Respect Technology - We use technology to educate positively. We never use technology to spread fear & doubt in any scenario. Educating people on the risks and reward responsibly leads to greater trust within the IT sector.

  2. No heads in the sand - We work hard to ensure we are in compliance with all best practices. Clients who don’t see the value in best practices ultimately lead to wasted efforts.

  3. Practice what you preach - We always follow the advice given to clients, ourselves. This lets us be more in tune with and more accountable.

  4. Maximum effort - We never ask for compensation until we are ourselves satisfied with the results. Making sure the client is happy is key. Always go the extra mile.

  5. The details - Our service is set apart by the little touches like our willingness to answer questions patiently and providing exhaustive documentation when applicable.

  6. Teachability - We love serving those who want to learn because we love helping people learn how to solve problems creatively with technology.

  7. Benefit of the doubt - We give all clients the benefit of the doubt when it comes to issues that ultimately arise. It’s our job to properly communicate to them and in the event of conflict.

  8. Budgets are real - We understand that not every client can afford to implement the best solutions. We exist to give the propper options when needed and if not budgeted or feasible we do not make the client feel bad for their decision just help them understand their risk profile.

  9. Its ok to say NO! - Not every client or issue that walks through the door is a good fit. We have relationships with many like minded vendors and refer out when needed.

  10. Quality is key - Quality of work leads to better overall relationships and helps build greater trust with our clients.

  11. No quitters - We do not quit on problems, clients or their issues. We commit to work with anyone in a positive manner. We refuse to work with anyone who isn’t positive.

  12. No BS - Life is too short to work with folks who are unwilling to accept advice, accept reality or engage with us in a confrontational way.

  13. Knowing our limits - Never being ashamed of telling a client or anyone that there is something we do not know or are not experts in. It’s ok to tell people that we are still learning or need to further research an issue.

  14. Always Learning - We embrace the concept of life long learning. We love clients who embrace the concept that no one is ever a true subject matter expert. Things are always changing.

  15. Change is good - We value those who embrace change. Technology and change can be hard things to grapple with. We are agents of change for the better for our clients and vice versa.

  16. We do not discriminate - We won’t work with anyone that treats anyone else in a discriminatory way. We are all created equal.

  17. Passion + Passion - We love working with passionate people. We are passionate technologists. When passionate people work together towards a goal good things happen. Passionate people working with mundane people often leads to disappointment and failure.

  18. No Bullies - We won’t work with bullies period. Associates of bullies are bullies by association.

Lets make 2019 great!

This year we have many new products and services. This year we started offering IT equipment sales. We are now offering mobile device repair and we have a brand new customer referral program that can earn you up to $250 just for referring your friends to Grove Technologies.

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