HomePod the new Siri-powered smart assistant

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

The HomePod is powered by Siri intelligence and can interact with your messages, relay sports scores, the news, provide translations, and control your home.

HomePod is being touted as the privacy focused smart assistant, which could be seen as a shot across the bows of the offerings from Amazon and Google which are known to be data hungry “they’re analysing what you do”.

HomePod speaker comes with a seven-array, beam-forming tweeter, with directional control, and a bass woofer – and it’s powered by an A8 chip.

The really clever touch for the HomePod is the use of spacial awareness to adapt and ensure a better sound.

As always with an Apple product it really is a thing of beauty and will look great wherever you put it in your home unlike the Amazon echo with its dots and the google home both of which have a semi industrial feel.

Working closely with Apple Music and your other Apple products Siri will also now share its learned and personalized data across your devices (Macs,iPhones,iPads) with end-to-end encryption – so that Apple doesn’t know your preferences.

With the artificial intelligence Apple is working on called Apple Neural Engine which will be integrated with Siri, the HomePod could really leap frog its competition from Amazon and Google.

With this great looking hardware I now cannot wait to get one as my virtual assistant and start automating my home, the HomePod will have the usual Siri favourites of Music, News, Translation, Traffic, Weather, Sports Alarms and now home automation plus much more.

Continue reading about the HomePod here and here.

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