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Stay off of blacklists: Limit postfix recipients-Header
Nov 30, 2011

Stay off of blacklists: Limit postfix recipients

I have heard this story it seems over and over again, I also have been the topic of many email...

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Better Quota notifications for OSX Server-Header
Oct 7, 2011

Better Quota notifications for OSX Server

OSX Server comes pre-packaged with Dovecot one of the best IMAP services out there and one of the most extensible...

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10.6.8 Server high CPU usage, hwmond culprit-Header
Jul 10, 2011

10.6.8 Server high CPU usage, hwmond culprit

It seems no matter how careful Apple is each OS update (especially server updates) reveals its own challenges for the...

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OSX Server Mailman Tricks-Header
Oct 2, 2010

OSX Server Mailman Tricks

We have been using XServes as our primary mail servers at my organization for about two years now, we upgraded...

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10.6.2 Mail Server draws a blank, subject?-Header
Jan 26, 2010

10.6.2 Mail Server draws a blank, subject?

So we upgraded from 10.5.8 Mail server to 10.6.2 and everything went very smoothly. Mailstores were migrated and the transition...

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10.6.2 Dovecot Mail Backups-Header
Jan 24, 2010

10.6.2 Dovecot Mail Backups

Before migrating to 10.6 Server we were running our entire mailstore on the 10.5.8 platform. Say what you will about...

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