The Apple watch is the most popular smartwatch on the planet

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Research company IDC posted the market share results for 2017 wearables earlier this month announcing the Apple smart watch accounts for 1 in 5 smartwatches sold.

It’s not surprising with the continued updates and the fact the iWatch can now be used stand alone with a sim card no longer relying on an iPhone for a cellular connection.

When buying a smartwatch people are now looking for more sophisticated wearables that integrate with the smartphone they use to provide exercise tracking and even health monitoring with wristbands available for the iWatch that are FDA approved.

In 2017 Apple sold 17.7 Million iWatches compared with Samsung’s 3.6 million smartwatch sales in the same year, Apple sold 2.1 million more iWatches than all the other smartwatch makers combined.

Apple really is cornering the market in smartwatches at the minute and we can’t wait to see the features and apps that become available for these great devices.

I can imagine the iWatch becoming integral to future augmented reality applications and VR enabling the user to interact with these experiences in a new way.

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