Apple AirPower imminent

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Don’t panic Apple is not about to launch B52’s against North Korea or anything like that, they just decided to call their wireless charging accessory “AirPower” they announced it with the launch of the iPhone X last year but said it would not be available until 2018.

And according to some of Apple’s suppliers the AirPower charging accessory could be in shops by the end of March 2018.

The Apple AirPower promises to be able to charge up to 3 devices at once that could be your iPhone your iWatch and your AirPods however, you are going to have to wait until the release of the Airpods with wireless charging as they are not available yet and Apple has said they will be launched at the same time as the AirPower.

What makes the AirPower different from the competition is its promise to provide up to 29 Watts of charging power which is 4x more than currently available which will allow you to charge multiple devices on the larger than average AirPower charging matt.

Although wireless charging seems like a great feature and something that you will definitely want there are two significant downsides;

  1. You can’t pick your device up and it continues to charge, there are limitations to wireless charging hence Apple opting for a glass back on the latest iPhones.

  2. The cost, so the Apple AirPower may be up to $200.00, well when it comes to lightning cables to charge the iPhones and iPads we have around here the cables are many and get moved about often… If the AirPower matt is getting moved about as often as the lightning cables, I can see it breaking pretty quickly and at over $100.00 per AirPower it’s not really cost effective.

I’d like to see greater improvements in wireless charging / power solutions before I invest, I can imagine a future when the power consumption of smartphones and tablets is such that it may be possible to charge the device from the WIFI signal at which point the device truly will have wireless charging not close contact charging which is a better name for this kind of inductive charging that is currently being touted as wireless.

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