Apple is now the 4th largest PC manufacturer

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Apple sold nearly 20 million Macs in 2017 which is great news for us Mac lovers as the platform becomes more popular more apps and games will become available.

It’s also impressive that Apple has managed to grow the number of Macs sold again in 2017 making it the 6th year in a row of increased Mac sales. In an industry that has seen the total number of PCs sold shrink as users switch to tablets and smartphones, Apple’s increased sales of Macs for 6 years in a row is another success story from Cupertino.

While these numbers are impressive the number of Macs sold is still only one third of the total sales by HP which validates Apples move to further integrate iOS and macOS as this would give the platform a wider reach for most users’ day to day apps for work.

The processor and graphics resources required to run office and database apps is not as high as the resources required for image & film editing or gaming so Apple making iOS apps available on the Mac and vice versa could further open up the platform for business users.

This really is a sea change for Apple from the dark days of the late 1990’s when the company’s future was seen as very bleak indeed.

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