Meet your Support Team

We only hire amazing people.

Jon Brown

Founder & CEO

Jon is a charismatic leader that brings with him over 20 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and working with the Apple platform.

Zach Mauldin

Legal Counsel

Virginia attorney with campaign finance and political law experience in Washington, DC. Diligent researcher able to deliver solid legal advice.

Chad Gordon

Mac Expert

Chad was the owner and CTO of TMI tech which was started to help small businesses make sense of their IT issues. Now he's on our team.

Chris Sanborn

Mac Expert

Chris is our remote support expert. He helps our clients with remote support calls, server projects, package deployments and more.

Mauricio Undurraga

Mac Expert

Supporting Macs in Enterprise Environments for 10 years. Currently leads the team in California.

Mark Fenton

Network Operations Manager

Mark us in charge of all of our clients infrastructure. He helps us make sure that network cables are tidy.

Emanuel Reznic

VP of Network Operations

Emanuel runs our day to day network operations center. Making sure that all of our clients systems are online.

Meri Brown


Working hard to ensure that the financial accounts payable and receivable runs smoothly and efficiently.

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