Risk Assessment For small businesses

Our risk assessments help you identify gaps
in your companies security.

We Understand Security Threats

We help identify the security
gaps in your business.

Risk Assessment

Most companies aren't fully covered in either security or compliance, and they are generally unaware of the many vulnerabilities that need to be protected. 360 security starts with a baseline risk assessment.

Complete Visibility

This vital assessment gives you complete visibility into your entire network and data to reveal vulnerabilities and gaps that need to be addressed. We will then work with you to fill the gaps and mitigate your risk so your system is safe and compliant.

Customized Plan

What emerges from the thorough risk assessment is the Executive Summary, an invaluable blueprint that we will use to target, prioritize, and address trouble areas while propelling your business toward the highest level of protection.

What is compliance?

Understanding the rules and regulations and applying them to your business can be costly and time consuming. Many of the compliances and best practices require an internal self-assessment in order to achieve and prove compliance. The difficulty associated with managing this and finding a clear direction lands companies in trouble.

Policy Portal

We have developed a fully managed streamlined service, which provides a portal that takes you through a simple step by step compliance and best practices process. The portal prompts you through a series of questions to analyze the current state of your network. If required policies are missing, our system will auto-create them as you work through the easy to use wizard assisted platform.

Control Frameworks

Control frameworks can be highly challenging and expensive to implement. In addition, it is costly and time consuming to train your staff and keep up with the volume of change controls. Some companies have dedicated compliance teams that struggle to keep up with this essential business function. This is where compliance as a managed service is invaluable.

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