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We are proud to annouce a working partnership with P2P Computer Solutions. Located at 1608 20th St NW in downtown Washington, DC (next to the Darlington House) they are serving all of your Apple and PC repair needs.

Repair Process

What to Expect When You Visit
P2P Computer Solutions

No one likes surprises, and while many issues–like replacing your iPhone’s screen or battery–can be taken care of on the spot, same day, for some of the trickier situations here’s what you can expect.

In-store Check-in Process

Welcome to P2P! When you walk through the door, there will be a 5 – 10 minute check-in process so we can get your information and hear what’s ailing your computer. Don’t forget to bring your charger!

Diagnostic Process

We’ll usually ask for 1 – 2 days to give us the proper amount of time to evaluate what’s happening with your machine. This ensures we diagnose the problem correctly and get it taken care of right the first time!

Customer Approval

Whenever we complete a project or solve a problem we document that internally and provide that to our clients. You can track the status of your repair at anytime here on the P2P Computer Solutions website.

Part Ordering & Shipping

If we need to order parts, it typically takes from 1 – 5 days for them to make it to our office, often due to shipping conditions speed of part orders may vary from month to month.

Installation & Service

Once we know the problem, have your approval to fix it, and all of the necessary parts have arrived, we can usually finish the job in 1 day.

Checkout & Payment

All payments for repairs or services performed by P2P Computer Solutions will be tendered to them directly upon completion of the repair.


Need help finding the right computer for your business needs?

We partner with Apple Business via the Apple Store, Amazon, CDW, and other large warehouses to get you the best price on everything from laptops, chromebooks, network switches and more.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What is your recommended Apple purchase platform or reseller?

All businesses that do business with Grove need to have an established Apple Business number with Apple directly for ordering. Don't have one? No problem, we can help you get one. Once done we will help get you setup with a Custom Apple Store and an Apple Business Manager account to help facilitate purchases.

Why do you recommend Apple Business accounts and the use of Apple Business Manager?

As an Apple Certified Consultancy we believe that the best experience with purchasing Apple hardware is through the official Apple Business channel. Apple Business Manager helps protect your purchases and ensure that they are enrolled into a platform that can be integrated with a management tool that you can implement for your business.

What kinds of Apple Management tools do you recommend?

After you purchase a computer from Apple for your business you need to have an MDM to help manage those devices. No matter if you have just 1 device or a fleet of 100, you need to ensure that you are able to manage them, remotely wipe them and provision them for new hires at your company. We work with JAMF, Mosyle, Kandji and more.

I don't want to purchase devices myself, can you just do it for me?

Grove Technologies is not an authorized reseller so we can't purchase devices on behalf of our clients. We can however propose solutions that make sense for our clients needs and help them facilitate the purchase via their Online Custom Apple Store. In this way we ensure that the client gets the equipment they need.

"Hands down the best decision our firm has made this year. Grove Technologies have been instrumental in restructuring our internal network and helped resolve a whole host of issues that have plagued our firm for years."

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