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Wireless networking has seen great technological advances over the past several years. Wireless solutions utilizing radio frequency technology range from 2 to 11 Mbps, and can be as fast as 155 Mbps point to point. When dealing with buildings within a few miles of each other, wireless is often a more viable solution than T1s or other dedicated lines.

Network Design & Installation

Today’s networking technologies are complex and costly if not implemented correctly. They are essential to improving network efficiency and overall business performance. We can help you select from this array of new technologies and deploy them to your greatest advantage.

Stay Connected Virtually

We will setup your VPN for your company to be secure and easy for your employees to use. We will grant access only as need as dictated by management. We also will provide in-home assistance in the setup and configuration of VPN client software.

Managed Network pricing plans

Because every company is different, we provide multiple network management plans to fit your needs.

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Starter plan

For individuals & small business


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  • Testing firmware patches.
  • Applying security patches & firmware.
  • Firewall log monitoring.
  • Router & Switch management.
  • WiFi System management.

Premium plan

For enterprise teams


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  • Everything in Starter plus..
  • External network monitoring.
  • Internal LAN monitoring.
  • VPN Management.
  • Phone system management
  • Cloud services management

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