Provide tested and screened Apple Updates to your clients

What is the App Screener?

Grove Technologies App Screener a service where we automatically download, test and screen updates from Apple. This includes Major OS releases, minor releases, app releases and more. Not every update by Apple is a winner we help filter out the losers.

What does the App Screener cost?

Grove Technologies screener tool to you at a fraction of the cost of the traditional tools *(Apple Server, JAMF SUS, etc..). Your reseller cost will be evaluated based on your companies needs and the number of computers you manage.

How does the App Screener work?

You enroll your client computers into the Grove Technologies screener tool. Their computers then call out to our software update servers. Based on the rules that we have setup for that client they will start to receive updates. Its that easy.

Reseller Version

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How can our tool help your bottom line?

We know that Apple Consultants are busy. By reselling our tool you can earn extra revenue and augment your service offering at all levels.

This service while great for large computer environments, works even better for consultants who manage household Mac's or businesses with less than 5 total computers.

The screener gives you peace of mind, knowing that only good Apple updates are being delivered to your clients computers.

Why are app updates so key?

Apple releases security updates of their software often. They have a mechanism for delivering those updates. However history is not on their side. They tend to release half baked updates on a regular basis.

This puts you the consultant in a bad position. We test all of Apple Updates and if there is a problem with one of them we let you know prior to releasing it to your client computers.


A few of our most frequently asked questions.

What Apple Updates do you curate?

We curate a large list of Apple software updates so you can rest assured that you are getting the most comprehensive updates for your system. Here is a sampling as of

How secure is the platform?

Every connection from the client or administrators computer to the cloud is fully encrypted to ensure protection against man in the middle attacks. Certificates are managed by the Lets Encrypt initiative and are automatically renewed on a rotating 3 month basis.

Storage in the cloud is fully redundant. We use data-centerss in the cloud on East, West and Central and they all auto-synchronize. Users connect to the location they are nearest to or the one that has the most bandwidth to ensure optimal performance.

We are a Google for Enterprise customer so we get priority support and are covered by their 99.5% Uptime SLA. If the Google Cloud service is offline, clients computers will not notify the user nor cause issues, it will silently fail in the background and then reconnect when the service is available.

The reporting system that dedicated cloud users can login-to is available over HTTPS and secured by reCaptcha 2. Certificates are managed by the Lets Encrypt initiative and are renewed on a every 3 month basis as they expire. Download the full whitepaper here.

How does it work?

Instead of getting your Apple Updates directly through Apple, we install an agent on your computer instructing it to get Apple Updates from Grove Technologies. We then curate, test and release only updates that pose no harm and are critical from a security perspective.

What is your current uptime status?

You can see the latest uptime status here.

Who do we contact for support?

Please email us here, and note the name and email address associated with your Software Update Service subscription or contract.

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