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Managed Phones pricing plans

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  • Announcements
  • Auto attendants
  • Call recording users
  • Dial by name directory
  • Ring groups
  • Unlimited calling minutes
  • Voicemail boxes + Email
  • Call parking
  • Busy lamp field
  • Music on hold
  • 5 Free Polycom phones
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  • 1 Announcement
  • 3 Auto attendants
  • 1 Call recording users
  • 1 Dial by name directory
  • 3 Ring groups
  • 2.9¢ per minute
  • 5 Voicemail boxes + Emails
  • Call parking
  • Busy lamp field
  • Music on hold
  • 5 Free Polycom phones
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All our plans include

We provide best in class tools that help us keep your systems running smoothly.

First class support

You get to schedule onsite work with at least 1 week notice and remote work with little to no notice to the location noted in the agreement.

Monitoring Software

Sit back and relax and let your Phones do the heavy lifting. Our phone monitoring tools alert us whenever there is a problem on your phone system so we can handle it proactively.

Full documentation

Whenever we complete a project or solve a problem we document that internally and provide that to our clients. We also encrypt sensitive shared passwords & emails.

Quarterly Review

We sit down with all our clients on a quarterly basis to ensure overall clarity and satisfaction. We also project plan and prioritize future projects, tickets and more.

Asset Management

We catalog and maintain an active inventory list of all your deployed computers and IT hardware. We help you see the entire picture of your entire fleet.

Monthly Reports

We send you a monthly report so you can see what we have done. It also will show any outstanding issues and an at a glance view of all systems that are doing great.

Helpdesk Platform

We let you login and see all active open tickets from anyone at your organization so you can prioritize, review, approve or deny any action on any active task in the queue.

Do you have questions

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our happy customers

On the metered plan all calls inbound and outbound are billed at Billed at 2.9 cents per/ min.
Yes, 100% Free on all levels, desk phone, soft phone and in app calling.
it costs $7.00 as a one time setup fee and then $2/mo per phone line, per month.
There are many. Here is the list of additional a-la carte offerings.
  • Additional Voicemail Box - $2.00 per box.
  • Additional Music On Hold - $4.95 per channel.
  • Additional Ring Group - $14.95 per group.
  • Additional Auto Attendant - $19.95 per attendant.
  • Additional Dial by Name Directory - $9.95 per directory.
  • Additional Call Recording - $4.95 per user.

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