Network Support Pricing

Managed Network Pricing Plans

Because every company is different, we provide multiple network management plans to fit your needs.

If you are looking for additional advanced services not listed here, drop us a line.

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$ 1,200 /mo

For individuals & small business
* Based on monthly average

Testing firmware patches

Applying security patches

Firewall log monitoring

Equipment management

WiFi System management

*20 Hours Pooled Support

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$ 1,600 /mo

For enterprise teams
* Based on monthly average

Everything in Starter plus..

ISP Monitoring

Internal LAN Monitoring

VPN Management

VOIP Management

*30 Hours Pooled Support

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Managed Networks

Network Plan Features

We provide best in class tools that help us
keep your systems running smoothly.

Network Security

Grove tests the security patches for your equipment in our network lab ensuring that all security patches are verified and tested before being deployed.

Starter Premium

Firmware Patching

We test new firmware and feature releases of network firmware in our lab to ensure that it's secure and will not cause issues.

Starter Premium

Firewall Log Monitoring

We look at the log files and classify events from the router and firewall to ensure that nothing malicious is happening.

Starter Premium

Equipment Management

Our on-premise network scanner will detect changes in environmental conditions, ensure uptime of your critical systems and more.

Starter Premium

WiFi Management

We monitor and manage your wifi system with our cloud based controllers to ensure optimum uptime, security and configuration backups.

Starter Premium

ISP Monitoring

We ping your offices internet connection every 5 minutes and take corrective measures if the internet is offline for any reason.


LAN Monitoring

We scan and inventory all devices connected to your network to ensure critical devices are operational even if they are not externally accessible.


VPN Management

We ensure your site to site, client based, and cloud based VPN systems are working appropriately. Supporting L2TP, Cisco IPSec, Cisco Umbrella & more.


Phone System Management

We manage all aspects of your custom telephony or cloud based phone system. Supporting all protocols from VOIP, SIP to Local PBX & Asterisk.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What don't the packages above include?

We do not offer cabling services, rack installation services, or anything that requires us to cut into a wall or climb into a ceiling. We do work with several vendors and electricians we can recommend.

What is your typical response time?

When you are experiencing a network outage, we will be on the phone with your ISP within 15 minutes of getting notified of the outage and we will immediately notify you via our automated notification platform.

All our systems are down what should I do?

Call our Network Operations Center, at the number you were given during your on-boarding as a Grove Technologies customer or email

What types of network systems do you monitor?

Our network scanner will monitor anything that can get an IP address. For systems that require more of a service level monitoring solution we work with DataDog to help monitor services on your server.


"We are a small firm, but Jon is always available. He recently helped me with support when I needed to quickly adapt to work from home. His remote support is remarkable. It took a long time to find him but it was worth it. We are very pleased with his expertise.”


“Grove Technologies has been an excellent resource for our small business. They are extremely easy to work with and offer efficient services. They are experts in their field and no problem has been too big for them to trouble shoot. Thank you Jon and team!”

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