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Transparent Pricing

Our Pricing Model Explained

Lets take the confusion out of our pricing structure and compare it to our competitors. While there are a lot of similarities our structure is designed for transparency.

Unlimited IT Support, Is a Myth as old as time.

Lets face it, unlimited support is a myth. Not only is it impossible to pull off, it logically makes no sense. Good support, takes time and any company claiming to have unlimited time is dedicated to the idea of quantity over quality. This type of service sets you up for rushed desktop support.

The way we handle support is to split it up into two types. Helpdesk and Proactive. Proactive support is baked into all of our plans based on the tools used to inform and repair wayward systems.

Grove Support Pricing

Time-Based Approach
This is the high-quality approach. Having hours baked into our plans allows us to focus the appropriate time needed to fix your issues.


Proactive Maintenance
All our plans have a proactive component. Work done to keep your systems running smoothly outside of the set support hour allotment.


Project Management
The industry norm is to not have a Project and Client Success manager. With a PM and CSM, you have consistent follow through on initiatives.


Dedicated Team
In an unlimited support environment you and your staff will reach different IT support members each time you call in, from various locations including abroad.


Time Transparency
We track the time spent using your support time allotment each month and report back in realtime so you can see how your time is used.


Controlled Costs
Per seat costs can increase the cost of your plan exponentially, and often unnecessarily. Pay for what you need with a time based approach.

* Our plans are prix fixe so modifications of plans are not allowed due to the specific cost ratios baked within.

* On average we are seeing 10-20 tickets closed, 1 project completed and 2-3 strategy sessions within a core 20 hour window. Will vary month to month.

* Once 20 hours is consumed you will be able to pause work for the month or continue at your pre-negotiated lower hourly rate.

Plan Breakdown by Cost

Costs Ratio By Tool

Time Breakout by Specialty

Support Breakout by Type

Plan Costs Breakdown.

Our plans are designed for the best overall experience at the best overall value. An on demand talented IT team at a fraction of the cost of paying for 4 full time highly trained professionals.

26% Costs of core software agents for proactive support. Automox, Malwarebytes, Watchman, Munki & More.

20% costs of project management, strategy, planning, etc. A dedicated PM, CS & Team Lead.

53% cost of servicing your core hourly helpdesk allotment. Your own personal dedicated IT Team.

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* Our plans are prix fixe so modifications of plans are not allowed due to the specific cost ratios baked within.

* For $3,300 starter plan price breakdown are as follows $875/mo (35 seats - Core Apps), $660 CS, PM & Team Lead Strategy, $1765/mo for 20/hrs of support. $88/hr discounted down from $200/hr rate.

Our Tools

We include the best tools for proactive maintenance.

Most MSP's give you Antivirus. We take it to the next level by including 6 proactive maintenance systems for all your endpoints.

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Grove Support

* Our plans are prix fixe so modifications of plans are not allowed due to the specific cost ratios baked within.

* For $3,300 starter plan price breakdown are as follows $875/mo (35 seats - Core Apps). Additional cost per seat is $40/mo for each additional seat to account for accrued per seat monthly costs.

Comparative Pricing

See how we stack up

Lets compare what you get from Grove vs. What you get from the typical MSP Unlimited Support pricing model.

Desktop Support (Email & Phone) 20 Hours Mo Unlimited
Desktop Support (SMS) 20 Hours Mo Not Included
Dedicated Project & Client Success Manager
Not Included
Dedicated Team Lead
Not Included
Strategy, SOP, Procedure & Policy Sessions
Not Included
Granular Onboard & Offboard Support
Complex IT Projects
Not Included
Staff & Training & Documentation
Cloud System Ownership & Management
Security Awareness Training
Not Included
Antivirus / Malware Tools & Management
Vulnerability Management Software
Not Included
Patch Management Software
Not Included
Proactive Monitoring Software
Not Included
Grove Technologies Custom Store
Not Included
Transparent tracking of time spent
Not Included
Client Portal
Not Included
Annual Business Review
Purchasing & Repairs
Inventory Storage
Not Included
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* Inventory Storage only available with a Managed Plan.

* Our plans are prix fixe so modifications of plans are not allowed due to the specific cost ratios baked within.

* Most PC & Mac based MSP's only partially provide these services. Check with your provider or comparative vendor for more granular information regarding what they really offer.

Cost Calculator

Price Check Us Against Our Competition

You can't get much more transparent than this. Lets check our pricing against our primary competitors in the area and see how they stack up from a cost perspective.



$3300 + $40/seat











Electric AI


* Based on competitor analysis ran on 12/26/21.

* Comparing pricing against competitors offering the same or similar packaged plan at different rates with similar service offerings.

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We are a remote and fully distributed, Nationwide Apple focused MSP serving Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego & more.

We focus on providing top notch Mac Support for small to mid-sized businesses. Contact us, and learn how we can help your company.

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