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In 2014, I realized that I had spent my entire career helping large to mid-sized companies with their Macintosh technology needs.

During that time it was hard to find good employable candidates with the level of Apple knowlege I needed in order to use some of the base benefits offered to me, namely vacation time.

When I did find a good consultant it was often a hard sell to upper management to keep them on as needs progressed. Instead I found myself working harder, later and longer than I ever wanted to.

The time is now

Wanting more but still with a passion for Mac's in the workplace, I started my own company, Grove Technologies. Our goal was and still is simple, offer quality, affordable Mac help to small and mid-sized communities in the DC Metro area.

One of the most valuable resources to me at the time was this article. Outlining basic steps that you can take to change your life and to start consulting on your own.

The scariest thing for me wasn't quitting my job, it was wondering if I could actually run a business. The first few years were hard. I had no real business experience and while I got lots of pointers from lots of consultants finding a mentor was a challenge.

Companies who mentor ultimately succeed

One of the things we strongly believe in is the concept that there is never a shortage of work, nor a threat to meeting, knowing and working directly with other small to mid-sized consulting companies. Thats why we want to give back.

Looking for a mentor? Look no further.

If your interested in working as a consultant but want to get your feet wet to see what the work is like or if its something thats for you, let us know by filling out the form. We want to mentor and give back and help the next generation of Apple consultants grow and thrive.

Fill out this form, we will reach out if we have any futher questions

Serving the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

Based in Washington DC, we are a total Mac Solution for the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions. We cater to businesses who are looking to focus more of their time on building their business and less time focusing on managing IT issues. If you're a startup looking for affordable IT help give us a call!

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We are a team of Apple Certified experts that all have backgrounds in either online digital marketing and media, education or managing non profits. We know how to keep your systems safe, online and secure.

Grove is the place where your Apple technology thrives. Check out our managed services. Our App Store solution will keep your computers updated with our tested Apple and Third Party updates. Do not wonder if your up to date or protected.

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