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Jon Brown
by Jon Brown Apr 22, 2020

Its really sad that we live in a time when scammers are still so active in the face of such hardship and adversity, however it is the environment where people are the most vulnerable.

We have seen an uptick in emails and calls to individuals and businesses scamming or trying to scam people out of their stimulus monies, and trying to defraud people by posing as banks asking for sensitive information for Paycheck Protection Loans.

The Federal Government nor Banks will call to solicit or entice you into giving you information. Get their phone number if you can and report the caller or emailer to the FBI Fraud department immediately.

This is the first in our Video Blog series on COVID-19 scams. If you need help with your business and or cybersecurity advice call us and we will be happy to help!

Video Blog:
COVID19 Scam Alert Stimulus Checks

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