Symptoms Section in the Health App under iOS 13.6 Beta

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Have you ever been to the Doctors gotten home and thought “I forgot to ask about the pain in my side”?, Well the iOS health App will be there to help when the new update hits.

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The ‘Symptoms’ area shows users being able to add symptoms of illnesses including muscle ache, nausea, appetite change, & dizziness.

Users of the Health App will be able to add symptoms using the Health app giving you a way to track symptoms that relate to illness.

Users can add details about each of their symptoms building up a log of their health status, this will prove invaluable when seeing their doctor.

The App has basic health logging & tracking features currently, the new symptoms feature is more substantial allowing users to share more comprehensive health data with their medical providers.

As personal tech becomes more pervasive in the health field expect to see more of these features in the future, and so long as the data is kept private these features can only be a good thing for people’s health in the future.

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