Parallels 13 released

Parallels 13 has just been released by Parallels International GmbH, one of the major reasons to upgrade will be version 13 is Optimized for macOS High Sierra. Version 13 of Parallels promises faster access to your Windows files up to 47% faster compared with Parallels 12.

With support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro’s using Parallels Touch Bar Wizard it will be possible to customize the Touch Bar to work with your Windows Apps when using them in a Parallels virtual machine.

One of the better updates on the new version of Parallels is the ability to add more vRAM and vCPU cores, that is when you configure your virtual machine in Parallels before you start it you can configure how much vRAM (memory) and the number of vCPUS (processor cores) giving the virtual machine more power like this allows you to carry out processor and memory intensive processes such as 3D Rendering and video editing without having to reboot into BootCamp.

If like me you use Parallels to install and test new versions of macOS, Windows and Linux there is more good news as Parallels 13 also now supports Kali Linux, Elementary, Manjaro, Zorin Elementary, and a new appliance, Linux Mint.

There are quite a few improvements to the new version of Parallels 13 these are the key features I am looking forward to.

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