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iPad prices cut, what that means for you-Header
Aug 6, 2017

iPad prices cut, what that means for you

Apple has cut the price of iPads in a bid to increase sales, as such sales are now up over...

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How to master the Application Switcher is OSX-Header
Aug 6, 2017

How to master the Application Switcher is OSX

In this week’s how to I’m going to go over one of the basics in macOS Sierra, the App switcher...

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iPhone 8, What we think you can expect to see-Header
Aug 5, 2017

iPhone 8, What we think you can expect to see

As the September announcement of the iPhone 8 approaches here are some insights on what we may expect. The name...

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Two-factor authentication with Apple ID-Header
Jul 31, 2017

Two-factor authentication with Apple ID

Apple ID has included 2FA (Two-factor authentication) on macOS and iOS devices for some time and it is strongly advised...

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To Block or not To Block-Header
Jul 28, 2017

To Block or not To Block

Apple has blocked ad blocker Apps that work outside of Safari, this has always been in the App Store terms...

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Using Nightshift on your Mac-Header
Jul 27, 2017

Using Nightshift on your Mac

If like myself you often find yourself working late into the night on your Mac you can find your eyes...

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