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Ransomware Threats - How secure are you?-Header
Oct 14, 2020

Ransomware Threats - How secure are you?

In 2020, it seems like there is a new headline just about every week of another major company getting hit...

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iOS 14 Four Favorite Features-Header
Oct 13, 2020

iOS 14 Four Favorite Features

Our Four Favorite Features of iOS 14 Harvest season is here again, and Apple has deemed iOS 14 (along with...

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App Store Making Double Google Play-Header
Oct 12, 2020

App Store Making Double Google Play

In the third Quarter of 2020 Apple’s App Store made double what Google’s Play store made. With over 30 Billion...

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Why Your Small Business Should Care About Cybersecurity-Header
Oct 9, 2020

Why Your Small Business Should Care About Cybersecurity

In 2017 61% of small businesses in the United States suffered some kind of cyber-attack according to a report by the Ponemon...

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Make Your Finder Window Columns the Right Size-Header
Oct 8, 2020

Make Your Finder Window Columns the Right Size

We’re big fans of column view in Finder windows (choose View > as Columns). You never have to worry about...

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Custom icons in iOS 14-Header
Oct 6, 2020

Custom icons in iOS 14

Some of us like to customise the look and feel of our Home Screens whether it is to match our...

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