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10.6.2 Migrate Wiki Server & DNS-Header
Jan 25, 2010

10.6.2 Migrate Wiki Server & DNS

While migrating our servers services from 10.5 to our 10.6.2 production server one of the easiest migrations that I had...

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10.6.2 Dovecot Mail Backups-Header
Jan 24, 2010

10.6.2 Dovecot Mail Backups

Before migrating to 10.6 Server we were running our entire mailstore on the 10.5.8 platform. Say what you will about...

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10.6.2 Squirrelmail, LDAP & Sieve-Header
Jan 23, 2010

10.6.2 Squirrelmail, LDAP & Sieve

Snow Leopard 10.6 comes with built in Server Side rules (Sieve) that helps you to organize mail, if your like...

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10.6.2 Split Horizon DNS-Header
Jan 23, 2010

10.6.2 Split Horizon DNS

The DNS interface in Server is not suitable for doing a split-horizon DNS configuration. It simply doesn’t expose all...

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10.6.2 Roundcube & LDAP-Header
Jan 18, 2010

10.6.2 Roundcube & LDAP

So like many other organizations mine was finally fed up with Horde as a webmail system. They had used squirrel...

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10.5.8 Server Upgrade : Mail-Header
Jan 17, 2010

10.5.8 Server Upgrade : Mail

Recently I have undergone a massive change, we have decided at our organization to go with Snow Leopard server in...

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