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Information about Face Recognition Software-Header
Sep 16, 2017

Information about Face Recognition Software

Information about Face Recognition Software on Apple’s new OLED iPhone X Surfaces Facial recognition is expected to replace Touch ID...

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Making it safe.-Header
Sep 1, 2017

Making it safe.

Although macOS is more secure than most other operating systems, the increasing user base for macOS is drawing in hackers....

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Where does Apple’s cash flow come from?-Header
Aug 31, 2017

Where does Apple’s cash flow come from?

Being predominantly known for its excellent hardware you would be right in thinking most of Apple’s revenue comes from selling...

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Apple Park, Houses over 12,000 Employees-Header
Aug 30, 2017

Apple Park, Houses over 12,000 Employees

Apple Park Features a Steve Jobs Theater and is Powered 100% by Renewable Energy. Earlier this year, Apple announced that...

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Parallels 13 released-Header
Aug 29, 2017

Parallels 13 released

Parallels 13 has just been released by Parallels International GmbH, one of the major reasons to upgrade will be version...

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Quickly free up space on your iPhone or iPad-Header
Aug 28, 2017

Quickly free up space on your iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad you will be well aware of the limitations of your device when...

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