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Jon Brown
by Jon Brown May 20, 2020

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If like me Apple’s move from the original 30-pin port in 2012 to the Lightning ports you saw this as a positive move, the Lightning connector being a much more user-friendly connector.

Next they took away the home button and the headphone socket, the home button going in favour of a larger screen was no real hardship once you learnt the new interface.

However losing the headphone jack was a real annoyance for some people, as a compromise Apple provided a free lightning headphone set with new iPhones, sadly this meant you could either have earphones plugged in or charge the iPhone.

The next logical step and it is being widely touted, as coming to iPhones next year 2021 is to remove the Lightning connector.

So if you have a bad WiFi signal on your iPhone you won’t be able to plug it into your computer using the Lightning cable to back it up.

The current Lightning accessories are going to be rendered useless overnight on some models and this could include any interfaces with your car.It is likely that the Lightning port will go on the higher end iPhone models first.

I’d expect the Lightning port to be supported for a year or two after it first disappears from the higher end iPhones, However the older 30 pin connector only survived for another 2 years after the Lightning ports introduction in 2012.

This will allow us to transition gradually rather than as an overnight change.

It’s not all bad news as the loss of the physical port will allow more room for battery space or extra components, maybe even a Lidar scanner!

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No More Lightning Port

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