The new Mac Pro Tower: Wheels optional

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Dual sided Logic Board

So happy to see that Apple is going back to its ability to allow users to upgrade and customize their Mac Pro tower experience. There was much much love for the old Cheese Grater style Mac Pro and many are still in use because of their overall upgradeability and customization. Not saying that the Trash Can approach was bad. It was in line with their motto, think different. Coming up with a new and unique approach to power computing.

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Unfortunately overall extensibility and the lack of the embrace for the core shape by third party card developers I think forced Apple’s hand a bit but what they came up with is amazing. Lets start with the dual sided logic board. It allows for greater expansion and power. Combine that with the new *28 core capable processor and we are talking about a super computer that would make Tony Stark drool.

Expandability & Power

The new Mac Pro comes with the ability to have up to 1.5TB of memory and comes with 8 PCI ports that allow for a wide range of customization. The new MPX module is Apple’s answer to a graphics card that gives you the power of 2 GPU’s in one elegant design. Each Mac Pro can accommodate 2 of these modules or 4 GPU’s of raw graphics processing power.

Apple afterburner is a card that allows the real time editing of up to 3 streams of 8K video and or 12 streams of 4K raw video. This is bringing to the industry the ability to edit raw uncompressed footage. A workflow that has never existed until today.

More Power

The Mac Pro now has 1.4 Killowatt power source system with three breezy fans that run quieter or as quiet as an iMac Pro. Its ability to cool this beast is impressive channeling air through the computer from back through to front. The lightweight lattice pattern allows for maximum airflow.

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The new display is amazing. It’s a 32” aluminum vent pattern display that offers 20 million pixels and is the first 8K retina display for use with Mac. The display attaches to the stand via a magnetic mount point. This allows for flexible orientation as the display works in both landscape and portrait mode.

After having to go into the Apple Store and see them promote the various other company displays I am happy to see that they are back in the business of creating an advanced display that yet again blows away the others in the field.

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