Managed App Updates for Macintosh Computers

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

A brave new world

I have been using Macintosh computers for a long time. As long as I can remember its always been said. Macintosh computers are not vulnerable to malicous intent. While malware, spyware and now ransomware plaque the Windows and Linux landscape, Mac had always been a trusted alternative. In fact Apple themselves highlighted this very sentiment during their, “Im a Mac” commercial campaign, which ran many years ago.

We live in a very different world now. Macintosh computers are just as vulnerable to malicous attacks. Spyware and ransomware can affect both PC and Mac computers alike and the once stable platform that we all knew and trusted has become less secure. Less secure obviously detracts from the experience that many people buy a Mac computer for in the first place, which is frustrating for many that turn from their ravaged past with their PC to a Mac; only to be greeted with the same annoying problems.

What problems?

With a lack of a secure platform, Mac computers have started the same annoying and much needed patching and update cycle. There is some solace in the automatic update feature however it only patches the operating system and leaves the job of security and application security management to third party developers. Many of whom are novices at best when it comes to application programing. What does this all mean. It means that while you have a sense of security by constantly updating your machine, its a false one at best.

In the past users were left to update their Mac, and hope that the update didn’t break or cause issues. Many people have found themselves wanting to revert after a bad update. Even Apple recommends and suggests backing up before updating so that you can go back if it doesn’t work out.

What if there was a company that downloaded all of Apple’s updates and tested them first? What if there was a company that downloaded and tested every version of over 50+ popular freeware software titles? Well… now there is.

Introducing Managed Mac Updates

There is now a better way. Grove Technologies has created a service where you can be fed the latest, secure and non-buggy versions of the App’s that you know and love. We also perform the same action on all of Apple updates. We intercept the bad ones and only release the ones that we know wont cause problems. We always keep security top of mind, so you can rest assured that your computer is always safe and secure.

Our Managed App Store and our Managed Apple Updates are two lines of products that we hope every consumer with a Mac, Small business startup using Mac’s on their fleet and large Mac based companies will use and trust. Built on the rock solid platform Munki and hosted in the cloud we make sure that our data is safe and secure.

Give us a try today our low priced month-to-month offerings make it easy to start remembering what it was like to enjoy using your Mac again.

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