iPhone 8, What we think you can expect to see

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

As the September announcement of the iPhone 8 approaches here are some insights on what we may expect.

The name

You may expect “iPhone 8” to be the name as it follows all of the names Apple has given to previous iPhones however with some of the new nomenclature (naming convention) that is being used for other Apple products it would be reasonable to expect a name such as the iPhone Pro, you have to admit it has a nice ring to it.

The features

More cameras, if Apple follows current trends and seeks to improve them then we can expect to see 3D scanning, which will involve more cameras being added to the upper part of your iPhone. This could lead to changes in the arrangement of the cameras on the rear of the device to aid in depth perception. Security, as we’ve talked about previously security is a hot topic if someone can get their hands on your device now they can potentially access all of your data including financial information. If Apple adds more cameras iris scanning could be the way forward as it is even more secure than the current Touch ID technology. Apple Pay, if security is improved using iris technology more Apps using Apple Pay would make sense.

Edge to edge display, if the home button with it’s now built in fingerprint scanner is removed in favour of iris scanning technology this could open up even more room for the screen allowing for a true edge to edge display. Or if the rumour that’s gathering the most momentum around the internet is true Apple will embed the Touch ID sensor into the bottom of the iPhone 8’s display which seems more likely to me. This could lead to virtual buttons on the display instead of the current physical home button see 9 to 5 mac for in depth information here.

Wireless charging and a glass back.

The back of the iPhone 8 may be made from glass which would be a roll back to the iPhone 5 this would improve wireless charging (inductive charging), adding this would appear to be a real possibility with the iPhone 8 if the aluminium back on the iPhone 8 is to be replaced with a glass back as inductive charging doesn’t work very well through metal, add to this Foxconn has the contract for making wireless charging modules, and Apple has also joined the Wireless Power Consortium earlier this year. Come back soon for more news on Apple’s latest innovations.

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