iPhone users are quick to adopt the latest iOS 11

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

iOS 11 is reported to have been installed on nearly 55% of iOS devices after only one month of being launched.

So what? Well it makes the platform more secure as Apple can focus it’s team on supporting the latest version(s) of iOS instead of providing patched to older versions.

It makes Apps better quicker as App developers do not need to make as many versions of their Apps to support outdated versions of iOS.

Apple has already released several small updates to iOS 11 , addressing bugs discovered since the launch iOS 11 back in mid September.

The latest iOS 11.0.3, fixes issues with haptic feedback & slow displays, the previous update iOS 11.0.2 fixed an annoying problem causing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus speaker to crackle during phone calls.

Kudos to Apple users and keep those devices up to date! The 11.1 patch fixed a serious security vulnerability with WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability .

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