Apple to Allow iOS apps to run on Macs in 2018

Blog Apple to Allow iOS apps to run on Macs in 2018

Apple is expected to allow iPhone and iPad apps from the very successful iOS App Store to now run on Macs in 2018, thus increasing software options on Macs.

According to Bloomberg, this large change is expected to happen in early 2018 via a new project internally referred to as ‘Marzipan.’ This blurring of lines between macOS and iOS platforms is expected to help software makers start using the Mac App Store more and also most importantly allow for the creation of a single application that works with a touchscreen, mouse and/or trackpad.

This change would be significant, leading to more adoption of Mac OS apps and use of that storefront as well. Apps in the Mac OS store are expected to be updated more frequently as a result and at a higher quality than the current level. The Mac App Store first debuted in 2011 on the Snow Leopard Mac OS X platform with both free and paid applications. While in use today, the store has never achieved the same monumental success of the iOS App Store. This new update is expected to lead to more adoption, use and innovation.

The change is expected at the time of 2018’s major software updates (iOS 12 and macOS 10.14) around June for developers during the Worldwide Developers Conference and for the public by September.

The immediate plan appears to be to allow iOS apps to work on Macs using existing hardware that is powered by Intel processors. Down the road, Apple may add custom A-series chips similar to the iPhone and iPad in Mac hardware.

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