iMac Pro's coprocessor to be an A10 Fusion chip

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

So what right? Well this means Siri could always be on, and working seamlessly inside the new iMac Pro.

This could make the iMac Pro the first Mac to feature an A series Microprocessor, which are the same chips found in iPhone’s.

“Looks like the iMac Pro’s ARM coprocessor is arm64 Seems to handle the macOS boot & security process, as expected; iMac Pro lets Apple experiment with tighter control without the rest of the userbase freaking out. More info & download here

It’s exciting as the level of integration between Macs running macOS and iDevices running iOS really will go to the next level.

In the office Siri with some dedicated hardware behind it could be a real boon to productivity, imagine making a coffee and having Siri seamlessly read to you the next article from Grove’s all via voice activated commands.

The A10 chip could also signal the new iMac Pro being always able to listen even when turned off. No more reaching for the power button if Apple pulls this off. Earlier in the year we announced the arrival of the iMac Pro; and with these new promising features I can’t wait for the release of the new iMac Pro and the chance to test one out.

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And more on the A10 chip in the iMac pro is available on Mac Rumors.

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