The HomePod in the shops

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

The HomePod has been on the shelves for three days and the reviews and consumer tests are flooding in.

So far it seems to be a hit on the audio quality with a shakedown from a reddit user that puts the sound quality from the Apple HomePod above that of a more expensive KEF speaker.

However, on the flip side the HomePod is being marked down for its actual smartness as the features it has for SIRI are somewhat limited at the moment.

This lack of functionality with Siri is somewhat expected as it is a new device just released so Siri’s features will be built on in time.

Voice accuracy for Siri is however rated very high with Siri on the HomePod meaning it does a good job at listening to your commands it just can’t yet process them so well.

Siri on the HomePod is also rated to have a much faster response time than the Amazon Echo for example which is good news as the Echo often sits blinking while it thinks about what you have just said.

The HomePod apparently cannot play music from any service other than Apple’s own Music at the moment which is really bad news for audio lovers, but we are hoping this is just a first release issue and that third-party music services will soon be supported.

Overall this looks like a great home speaker very reasonably priced that is going to be able to tell you the weather dim the lights, warm the room and then play you some lovely music that sounds great, maybe it should have been called the Marvin Gaye speaker?

Oh, and the HomePod also looks fantastic.

It will be interesting to see how the Apple Home devices such as the HomePod start to integrate with other technologies such as AR in order to become the robotic servants that were being dreamed about in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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