Happy One Year Workiversary Tiara Thornton!!

Jon Brown
Jon Brown
Tiara Mac Expert - Grove Technologies
Tiara Thornton

Mac Expert

Full Time

Tiara, a prior Apple trained Support Technician, is dedicated to providing great Mac Support and a outstanding customer experience.

We want to take a moment to celebrate Tiara Thornton. Tiara has been with us now for 1 year and we are so thrilled to have her. One year ago Grove Technologies took a leap and brought on board our first full time technician to help us grow our support offering and its been amazing seeing Tiara grow from a former Applecare technician to a full blown Mac Administrator.

Not only has she grown in this year but Grove Technologies grew and the more our clients get to know Tiara the more compliments I got, on a regular basis. Tiara’s dedication to customer service is second to none. Please join me in congratulating her on her first year here at Grove! Now lets learn more about Tiara!

Tell us about yourself, your history of how you got started with Desktop Support and how you got to where you are today.

I have always been interested in technology, but I honestly never saw myself in this field as a career. My mom worked in IT growing up and life was all about Windows. I grew up knowing I wanted to be a doctor and never even thought about any other career path. I began college as a Biology Pre-Medicine Major, fixing and repairing the human body was my thing, during which time I was introduced to the Apple World (my first Mac experience). College hit a halt after I had my son and all of my talents were put to test in all kinds of different working fields. Customer Service, Administrative, Retail, Childcare, Hospitality, HealthCare and lastly Information Technology. I have always been tech savvy, so when presented with a position with Apple as Helpdesk, I knew it would be a breeze. I had gotten to a point in my life where I wanted something different and stability. I began working from home for Apple and realized that an old friend awaited me, technology. A friend I knew all too well, but never thought about applying to a career environment. I hit the ground running and started to focus all my efforts towards being successful in IT, my new career.

What first drew you to Grove Technologies and what have you learned and how have you grown since you have worked here?

I was first drawn to Grove Technologies looking for an Apple related environment that I could continue to develop my knowledge, while being an easy transition to working in an office environment. Just having a baby and moving to a new city and transitioning from working from home to going to work again, I had my challenges in store. Since working with Grove I have grown so much as a technician being a part of the ACN combined with the expertise and knowledge from my Grove Team. Working directly under the CEO and being a part of the growth of the company has been amazing. I have learned how to manage a fleet of clients with a variety of company requirements. I have dived deeper into the world of Apple and all the things that can be used in business environments. I now have a deeper understanding of how Apple is integrated into the business aspect. I even got an iPhone which if you didn’t know I swore I would never do after my iOS helpdesk days lol. Being able to see the real time usage of all the Apple devices together in a working environment has swayed me over to what I called “The Dark Side” android joke. Talk about the directions you hope to go in the future in terms of career development, what certifications are you interested in, and why..

To continue the development and advancement of my career in the IT industry, I plan to continue to pursue certifications for more knowledge. I am currently working to achieve my MOS(Microsoft Office Suite) certification because I think this information is useful as Office grows and changes in the business environment. With so many certifications to choose from I at least would like to master other platforms like:

  • Zoom
  • Google
  • Jamf
  • A+ (CompTIA)

As far as where I see myself going in this industry, I honestly don’t know. The more I am introduced to and the more I learn, the sky seems to be the limit. Cyber security sounds interesting, but there are so many other options as far as a way to go I don’t even fully know what I love the most at this point. I know ultimately, I would like to be able to physically get hands on with computers with repairs.

What is your overall motivation for doing the work that you do and how do you want to change the world for the better?

I have always been a people friendly person who worked well with others. I have always enjoyed helping other people and most of my career has been centered around that aspect of life. Even being a waitress for most of my career, the environment is high customer satisfaction, fast-pace, time management, accountability, and teaching. I have just moved that work ethic and style to another field. I honestly feel as though I am finding myself and the doctor I always wanted to be for humans, I am now for computers. From all the calls and free help I have provided over the years to family and friends, being an Apple tech, I think I am definitely helping to shape the world a bit better. Honestly though, I believe that knowledge is power. If I can spread my knowledge to help another person, the world is already working towards being better with my help which I will continue to do.

What do you like to do outside of work, passions, hobbies, interests?

Outside of work, what does that mean?! LOL just kidding. Outside of work my biggest passion is my family and my kids. Moving closer to my mother has been what I would call the loveliest headache while treasuring the moments and now having two kids has been a journey, but overall amazing. I almost went to art school when I was younger and I continue to love to draw, definitely helps my kids school projects lol. I am a nerd at heart and love Math and Science. I learned to play a few instruments growing up: piano, (which I should practice), clarinet, but I would love to learn guitar. I love to sing, but not for everyone, but one Margarita and karaoke I will give you the best show. I thought about doing stand up comedy a few times, everyone thinks I am funny, but it’s just real life. I love to cook because I love to eat and try new food. Even though, I think during this pandemic if I didn’t have to cook for a year I would be super happy. I played soccer for ten years and almost played in college and still to this day is my favorite sport and great exercise. My son is never ready for his moms footwork. I also have a knack for cosmetology, and can definitely give your hair a new do. Lastly, I am a movie/good tv show fanatic. I love a good movie and a great tv show, the best part of the pandemic has been binge watching.

Anything else you want to add?

I am not a perfectionist by far, only human, but when I put my mind to something I conquer. Here’s to conquering IT, thanks for giving me this opportunity to grow with you and the company.

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