Grove Technologies adds Apple Business Chat support channel

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

We are proud to be able to offer SMS based and Apple Business Chat support to our valued clients. Adding text based chat support is a natural extension of our ability to help our clients which we can now do via Messages for MacOS or iOS.

You can initiate an Apple Business Chat by clicking on the Chat bubble below.

Apple Business Chat is a new way to communicate with Apple and other businesses using Messages. Start a chat to get answers to your questions, schedule appointments, resolve issues, make purchases, and more.

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You need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to start a Business Chat conversation. You can also respond to your conversations with your Apple Watch or Mac.

You can start a conversation through Maps, Safari, Siri, and Search, and through participating businesses’ websites and apps. Search for the business, then tap the chat bubble to send message and start the conversation.

If you don’t see the chat bubble to send message when you search for a business, it might not be verified with Business Chat. Not all verified businesses will have the same capabilities, such as making purchases or scheduling appointments through Business Chat.

We can’t start a conversation with you, we can only respond to you with relevant information. Your personal information is never shared with us unless you provide it.

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