Github link can cause crashes on Mac & iOS

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Don’t panic it’s not any link it’s a specific link to a github page “” if you received this link via the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad they can crash or restart, and the Messages app then becomes unusable.

Interestingly the link can cause problems on both iDevices (iPads & iPhones) as well as Macs. Just receiving the link can cause issues due to the way the messages App creates a preview of any links sent in messages.

If you receive the link or a similar link with the same effects the only solution is to quit the App and then immediately delete the entire conversation thread.

Bugs sent via messages like this are not new and several similar bugs have cropped up in the past, it’s best not to send them on to friends as a gag as it can cause the device to restart. These bugs are not serious as they do not cause any lasting damage to the device and are often distributed as a way to wind up friends and colleagues.

To delete the entire thread on your iPhone / iPad , swipe left on the conversation and the press delete. You have to delete the entire conversation as opening the conversation thread to delete a single message can cause the device to crash or restart.

On the Mac open the Messages App from Applications and right click on the conversation and select delete:

Apple has announced an update to iOS which will be version 11.2.5 that will fix this bug in case it surfaces again.

iOS 11.2.5 will also include an update to Siri which will allow news podcasts to be played from various sources including CNN and Fox News.

The page on github that contained the link has since been updated and will no longer cause a crash or restart so you don’t need to take any steps to prevent iOS devices or Macs accessing github.

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