Elementary my dear Watson

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Apple and IBM are integrating IBM’s machine learning AI called Watson to iOS, Watson aims to make iOS enterprise apps smarter.

Watson is referred to as ML or Machine Learning software so the software or app in this case learns from each time you use it. Currently to integrate Watson with an app you have to access it via IBM’s cloud services, what this integration with Apple’s iOS aims to do is to bring the core services of Watson onto apps for iOS even when offline.

By Apple and IBM working together to bring Watson to iOS it should make it more straight forward for developers to include Watson’s Machine Learning into apps.

Apple’s partnership with IBM should help with Apple’s goal of making iOS more desirable to the enterprise market.

As the consumer sector becomes saturated with Smartphones and Tablets the enterprise market will become more important to sustain growth within the mobile tech market.

It’s no surprise to see Apple and IBM working together both companies have worked together on mutually beneficial projects since the 1990’s including both Hardware and Software.

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