Edge is coming to iOS

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Not being a massive Microsoft aficionado I cannot say that I am a major fan of what has been called the Wintel environment.

However it is a necessary evil and if you purchase your hardware from a good manufacturer such as HP or Dell, and do not but the cheapest offering Windows machines are not the glorified food trays they once could be.

The main reason for Microsoft bringing Edge to iOS will be to integrate the “Continue on PC” feature of Windows 10.

This has been available on iOS and macOS for some time, if both devices are signed into iCloud it is easy to bring up what you’re doing on your iDevice on your Mac.

With Edge on your iPhone, iPad etc, you will be able to use “Continue on PC” which will allow you to quickly share a web site, app, photo and other kinds of information to your PC running Windows 10.

The experience with “Continue on PC” should be seamless just like it is with iCloud, iOS, and macOS, but staying in the Microsoft environment.

If you want to be any early bird and are happy to work around the bugs you can get access to the beta version here

Personally I believe this is a good move from Microsoft as it makes your Windows 10 laptop or PC more relevant now so many tasks can be completed on your iDevice.

It would also be nice to see Edge on macOS and Safari on Windows for example. As well as native and not just web versions of Pages, and Numbers in Windows.

Closer integration between these environments makes our lives easier as the end users and that is the aim of the game! Some of the petty competition needs to be set aside in order to make end users lives better.

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