Cocoa App: Animal Age


In an effort to learn more about Objective-C programming I have created a simple OSX Application that mimics one of my more popular widgets the Dog Age Widget. Its a native Objective-C Animal Age calculator that allows you to convert the ages of various animals against human lifespans and see life expectancies based on different breeds of animals.

While this may not seem like an exciting or useful application I am using it as a tool to learn more about GIT how it works and also to learn more about the native Objective-C language. To that end I have made this project open source. Since its my first open source full application my hopes are that I can learn to code in a fun collaborative environment.


So far my app consists of multiple views that allow the user to select the type of animal that they want to calculate their age against and it calculates automatically below and shows the user the results.

There is a graph view that shows different life expectancies for different breeds of the animal that was chosen to give some kind of reference to how long humans live versus other Animals.

The Xcode Project consists of 2 build targets 1 website target with a Sparkle Framework, the other is a Mac App Store target that does not include said framework.


Right now the plan is to have the following features in by version 2.0

  1. Allow users the ability to convert animal age against human age, currently its human to animal only.
  2. Create a more native graph view with either NSRect or OpenGL


Contributions to this project are welcomed! I will be continually updating the GIT repository for this project and will be sharing my code here for various parts of the project either through Cocoa Controls or directly on my site for the benefit of the entire community.

I hope that you enjoy me sharing my code with the community and I welcome your feedback!

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