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Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title

When you’re writing a blog post or email newsletter, you’ll eventually hit the question of how to capitalize words in a title. There is no one right way, but just as with poor spelling and grammar, randomly capitalized titles can reduce reader trust in your knowledge, competence, and expertise. The trick is to pick a capitalization form and style guide to follow. There are two capitalization forms: title case (where important words are capitalized) and sentence case (which is capitalized like a normal sentence). Then there are a handful of...

May 26, 2020

iPhone Not Charging Reliably- Clean Its Lightning Port with a Toothpick-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

iPhone Not Charging Reliably- Clean Its Lightning Port with a Toothpick

If you’re plugging your iPhone in regularly but getting low-battery warnings when you shouldn’t, consider the possibility that something is preventing your iPhone from charging successfully while plugged in. If there’s no lightning bolt badge on the battery icon when the iPhone is plugged in, that’s a sure sign that no power is reaching the device. Another hint that failures could be happening intermittently would be a lack of charging in the Last Charge Level graph in Settings > Battery when you know the iPhone was plugged in. Luckily, the...

May 21, 2020

No More Lightning Port-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

No More Lightning Port

If like me Apple’s move from the original 30-pin port in 2012 to the Lightning ports you saw this as a positive move, the Lightning connector being a much more user-friendly connector. Next they took away the home button and the headphone socket, the home button going in favour of a larger screen was no real hardship once you learnt the new interface. However losing the headphone jack was a real annoyance for some people, as a compromise Apple provided a free lightning headphone set with new iPhones, sadly this...

May 20, 2020

Do You Know Who Can Track Your Location? It's Worth Checking Periodically-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

Do You Know Who Can Track Your Location? It's Worth Checking Periodically

Sharing your location works well when you’re out with friends or family and want everyone to be able to see where everyone else is. It’s easy to enable in various spots in iOS 13—in Messages, in Contacts, in the Find My app, and so on. You can share your location for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely, but beware of this final option. If you’re with a group for a weeklong trip, for instance, sharing indefinitely makes sense, but it’s easy to forget to turn it...

May 19, 2020

Top 10 Apple Business Resources you may have forgotten-Header

Top 10 Apple Business Resources you may have forgotten

Video Blog: Top 10 Apple Business Resources you may have forgotten When your Mac is slow call Grove Technologies Play the video Do you need Cybersecurity or Mac Support help? We are standing by to help protect you and your small business. We work with lots of businesses, all Mac based businesses. The biggest point of confusion for many Mac based small businesses is to understand all the business offerings that Apple has to offer. Apple has many offerings for Apple businesses. From where to buy and how to buy...

May 13, 2020

Customize What Appears in New Finder Windows with This Tip-Header

Customize What Appears in New Finder Windows with This Tip

When you’re in the Finder, choosing File > New Finder Window does, as you’d expect, open a new Finder window. But what folder appears in that window? By default, new Finder windows open to Recents, which is a built-in smart folder showing recently opened documents. If you’d prefer to see items in a fixed location on your drive, go to Finder > Preferences > General and choose any location from the New Finder Windows Show pop-up menu. We’re partial to Desktop or Documents, but you can choose whatever folder makes...

May 12, 2020

Top Tips on Working From Home Securely-Header

Top Tips on Working From Home Securely

Top Tips on Working From Home Securely The necessity of working from home is becoming a reality for many workforce members that may not have had this access before. While remote working offers many benefits to employees, many more risks appear as cybercriminals prey on the lax security protocols of the remote worker. It is critical that we as employees treat this access as a privilige, making security our top concern. Your organizations remote access policy will layout the requirements you should be adhering to during remote sessions. If your...

May 11, 2020

COVID19 Protect Your Small Business Data-Header

COVID19 Protect Your Small Business Data

The threat of the Novel Coronairus has recently been a top concern worldwide. With many conspiracy theories, disinformation or just general curiosity many citizens are looking for more information on the outbreak from a trusted source. Cybercriminals are aware in the interest in these subjects and are crafting malicious emails designed to infect your computer or steal information. This means trying to get information on a virus could lead to a virus on your computer. In this recent scam people are impersonating the World Health Organization (WHO), a trusted name...

May 1, 2020

COVID19 Work From Home Dangers & Scams-Header

COVID19 Work From Home Dangers & Scams

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many organizations and businesses to work from home. Are you aware of the cybersecurity risks to your business with your employees working remotely? As we shift to working from home you’re business has to face new challenges. Verifying the legitimacy of a potential phishing email is not as easy as it once was with new techniques being deployed daily. How are your computers being managed? Is your data safe? Have you talked about cybersecurity with your staff? COVID-19 is not going away any time soon,...

Apr 24, 2020

COVID19 Scam Alert Stimulus Checks-Header
Jon Brown

Jon Brown

COVID19 Scam Alert Stimulus Checks

Its really sad that we live in a time when scammers are still so active in the face of such hardship and adversity, however it is the environment where people are the most vulnerable. We have seen an uptick in emails and calls to individuals and businesses scamming or trying to scam people out of their stimulus monies, and trying to defraud people by posing as banks asking for sensitive information for Paycheck Protection Loans. The Federal Government nor Banks will call to solicit or entice you into giving you...

Apr 22, 2020

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