Augmented Reality, where does Apple stand?

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

With the tech industry getting hot under the collar for Augmented Reality where does Apple stand in this exciting new sector for the tech world?

We touched on the possibilities of Augmented Reality in our news of the Apple Watch 3 and Apple is in a very strong position to provide "AR" tech with ARKit framework being rolled out by Apple back in 2016.

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple has already been talking widely about "AR" and it's clearly something he wants to position Apple in as an industry leader.

Augmented reality is the kind of world-changing technology that’s on a par with the introduction of the iPhone 10 years ago

Most people have had their first introduction to AR with the game Pokemon Go, however the tech has the possibility to allow you to design the furniture layout in your home orientate yourself in your next car, Provide Jet Fighter training the sky is the limit!

What really has the tech industry and myself excited is unlike VR which shuts you off from the real world , AR (Augmented Reality) places the virtual items into the real world.

And with the iPhone already equipped to handle AR tasks coupled with a strong development suite with the ARKit framework Apple is in pole position to take advantage of AR tech.

Try AR apps your self , simply search for "Augmented Reality" in the App Store.

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