Apple will launch an all in one subscription service this fall

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

Imaginatively called Apple One, you can now pay for a single subscription which will provide access to the following Apple subscription services:

Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade & iCloud

There will also be a Premier version of Apple One which will provide the additional extra services of; Apple News+ & Apple Fitness+.

The Apple One service should launch in October 2020, on the official Apple website Books, iTunes, & Apple Card are not listed as one of the services that will be made part of the Apple One subscription, however these services provide one off purchases rather than a subscription model.

It looks like the family edition will provide the biggest discount as it will allow 5 people all to use the same subscription, having said that the family edition will only provide 200GB of iCloud storage and if this is shared between 5 people you may need to pay for additional storage space.

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If like me you recently purchased the tv+ service to watch Ted Lasso and the Tom Hanks film Greyhound and you are also paying for additional iCloud storage and share this with family, the Apple One family subscription is a no brainer.

If Apple were to offer the “Apple One” subscription free for all new Mac, iPhone, & iPad purchases that would put a country mile between Android & iOS/Mac systems, making the choice between the two easy to make for new customers.

Personally I’m looking forward to saving $8 a month using the family subscription and I hope between now and the launch date, Apple adds some new subscriptions services to Apple One, maybe Apple Books with a book of the month free to read.

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