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The original Apple watch was launched with great expectations from the Apple faithful back in April 2015.

However most owners have bemoaned the lack of functionality such as making calls from the Apple WATCH, or streaming music to the WATCH.

Well not any more with the Series 3 Apple WATCH these things are now possible and their is a good chance Apple will have a new customer for the WATCH although I hate wearing things on my wrist!

Unlike many companies making wearable Tech such as Pebble, which arguably started the industry recently selling out to Fitbit after incurring huge debts.

The Apple WATCH has been quite successful. In my opinion with all other factors aside I think the Apple WATCH has been successful because it is an accessory to an already incredibly popular device.

Again with the WATCH Series 3 Apple is focusing on fitness however the WATCH series 3 does come with a 70% faster processor than the series 2 model, and a new W2 chip powering Bluetooth and WIFI on the device.

For future releases of the WATCH I would like to see augmented reality playing its part with movements tracked from the WATCH so you can interact and not just look a the augmented reality!

Looking further into the future an Apple WATCH that could be a projector, maybe even a holographic projector would be really nice.

Coming back down to reality, in the wearables market Apple is competing with Xiaomi and FitBit and these firms are successful with high volume sales of their entry level fitness wearables.

As such Apple is likely to concentrate on Fitness again with future releases of the WATCH, maybe a WATCH mini would be sensible that just tracks the basic fitness data and doesn’t even have a screen!

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