Apple Park is Now Apple’s Official Address

Jon Brown
Jon Brown

This past week Apple changed its corporate address to One Apple Park Way, moving its entire workforce from One Infinity Loop to its new Apple Park campus that opened last year and is just down the road.

Coinciding with the recent shareholder meeting that occurred in the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus this past Tuesday. The official change is evident everywhere, starting at the top with official documents such as the Form 4 statement of changes in Beneficial Ownership articles notifying the SEC of restricted stock units granted to its board members with Apple Park listed as the new address.

The new address is now listed in email footers for email correspondence with customers and for Apple Music subscribers. Previously, Apple Park was just known as Campus 2. While blueprints were shared in 2011, construction on the site was shared with the public in 2013. Apple has been gradually moving its entire workforce of 12,000 employees from One Infinity Loop to its new Apple Park campus over the past several months since it opened Apple Park last year.

In January of this year, Apple also received temporary occupancy permits for five of the twelve sections in the main office building. The company will in all likelihood gain the remaining permits in the near future. Albert Salvador, the official building inspector for the site, has granted the initial five so that Apple can use areas of these structures that are still under construction. These permits have a “list of exclusions” that define how a space can be used with limitations such as a public right of way.

“I would not issue a final certificate of occupancy until all the work is complete on the entire site,” said Salvador. “Appropriate barriers are required to keep occupants away from any portions of the building or site where construction is still in progress.”

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