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Apple Park, Houses over 12,000 Employees

Apple Park Features a Steve Jobs Theater and is Powered 100% by Renewable Energy.

Earlier this year, Apple announced that its new corporate headquarters was nearing completion and would be ready to house over 12,000 employees. First known as Campus 2, Apple’s HQ was renamed Apple Park and is officially open. Construction is still underway to finish the construction of adjacent buildings and parklands through the summer. View aerial drone footage here.

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Apple takes a dramatic leap ahead into the future by embracing renewable energy as its primary energy source for the large new park. There are 17 megawatts of rooftop solar available through a new microgrid installed that make Apple’s headquarters one of the largest global on-site solar energy installations, delivering 75 percent of the facility’s power requirements. The remaining 25 percent of energy is provided by Bloom Energy fuel cells, similar to the ones that Apple has its existing data center in North Carolina. The new facility also is naturally ventilated and projected to not need heating or air conditioning for as much as nine months of the year.

The new Apple Park replaces over 5 million square feet of existing concrete with new grassy fields and 9,000 drought-resistant trees native to California. Apple’s tree range includes apple, apricot, cherry and persimmon trees. In addition, there are two miles of walking and running paths for employees as well as a meadow, orchard and pond within the massive ring. Apple Park has been designed by existing Apple design executives and employees and the architecture firm Foster + Partners.

Prior to Apple’s land purchase, the area was owned by Hewlett Parkett and paved with asphalt and concrete. The eco-friendly design was essential to founder Steve Job’s initial vision and years later, this plan is being put in place with love and careful planning.

The adjacent Phase 2 project offers additional workspace and has a data center powered by solar cells and renewable energy.

Steve Jobs Theater and Visitor Center

Apple Park has a new 20-foot-tall glass auditorium called the Steve Jobs Theater that honors its founder Steve Jobs. Adjacent to the theater is a visitor center complex with 120,000 square feet of assembly space and seating for 1,000, as well as a large lobby area and kitchen facilities. Construction of the theater began just little over a year ago. The Steve Jobs Theater sits atop a hill that overlooks grassy meadows.

The visitor center has an Apple Store and a public cafe. It also has a large 100,000 square foot fitness center for employees and a secure R&D center.

Phase 2 Buildings

There is also another set of buildings under construction on the property referred to as Phase 2. There have been suggestions that this building will be focused on automotive products. There’s been speculation whether this consists of autonomous driving alone or will include designing and developing an entire automotive vehicle and vehicle information systems.

Phase 2’s largest building consists of a four-story, 300,000 square foot office building for research and development. This beautiful new building under construction features large curtain walls of glass for clear, unobstructed views of the landscape.

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