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The Grove Support App is a small App, created to share quick tips with Mac novices to help them learn some Mac tricks.

People can contact us directly from the App where you can schedule a free one hour technology review.

Many services offered at a discounted rate, for non profits and other organizations that qualify.

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Contact us anytime, from the comfort of your Mac.

The Grove Support App for Mac allows you to reach out to Grove Technologies anytime. It runs in the background in your menubar and from there you can chat with us and open support tickets.

You can also contact us right from the app if its an emergency. You can now purchase support credits or other managed services.

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Grove Technologies

ABOUT Grove Technologies
We are a team of Apple Certified experts that all have backgrounds in either online digital marketing and media, education or managing non profits. We know how to keep your systems safe, online and secure.

Grove is the place where your Apple technology thrives. Check out our managed services. Our App Store solution will keep your computers updated with our tested Apple and Third Party updates. Do not wonder if your up to date or protected.

Know you are.

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